Women’s t 20 world cup 2020

icc women's t20 world cup


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               Women’s T-20 world cup 2020

Women's t 20 world cup 2020, ! icc women's t20 world cup 2020
Starting of Women’s Cricket


History of women’s cricket

England women’s and Australia women’s playing a 1st-time cricket match on December 1934 in Test format. since that time women’s cricket spreading all over the world than ICC [International women’s cricket council] decided that we should be making a women’s association also which women’s also making a good life in the cricket field. than ICC making a women’s cricket association in 1958.
ICC organized a 1st-time women’s ODI world cup in 1973 which held in England. now ICC also organized a T-20 world cup continuously.
Women's t 20 world cup 2020, ! icc women's t20 world cup 2020


As we know that in a recent time Indian women’s moving shoulder to shoulder with men so BCCI also making a women’s cricket team which participating in all types of format in all over the world.in a recant time women’s team playing a wonderful cricket so she was participating in T-20 WORLD CUP 2020.
Women's t20 world cup india, ! ICC Women's t 20 world cup 2020
ICC Women’s Team

women’s world cup starting on 21st FEB 2020 in Australia.

Indian women’s playing a wonderful cricket in this tournament. Indian team starting the WC matches against Australia. she was playing the 1st match against Australia which Indian women’s won by 17 runs . in this match Poonam Yadav is the highlighted player she was taking 4 wickets in just 4 over’s. this is a dream spell for his cricket life carrier. After winning over Australia Indian women’s giving good news for Indian cricket fans after a convincing win over Bangladesh and NZ.
Indian women will qualify for the playoff after three consecutive wins. she was playing the 4th match against Sri Lanka on 29 FEB at Melbourne.
According to the IST [Indian standard time], this match was starting on 9:30 AM which live coverage coming soon on star network and Hotstar


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