Use Saliva on the ball or not



                                   Use Saliva on the ball or not

Use Saliva on the ball or not ! Use Saliva
Morne Morkel Using Saliva on the Ball

ICC New Rule

           As we know that bowlers are using a different ways to shining the ball, one of theme is saliva for uses shining the ball, but perhaps these things will not be used when cricket becomes resume after the COVID – 19 Pandemic.


  • Its official notification was released by the ICC on 27 April 2020.
  • Its discussion is still going on.
  • The ICC also said that Vaseline, Shoe Polish, Bottle Cap, Sweat, Vex & Cloth will now be used for shining the ball instead of saliva

COVID – 19

Use Saliva on the ball or not ! Use Saliva
COVID – 19 Virus

The discussion of ‘use saliva on the ball’ is still ongoing because as we know well that COVID – 19 Virus is novel virus which spread quickly from one person to another person, so our healthcare department and WHO ( Wold Health Organisation) has already released a notification for the sports person that now saliva is not uses for ball shining.”

If this issue was passed clearly by the ICC than what happened. 

From a bowler’s Perspective

     Advantage    ( If bowlers use Vaseline, Vex, Cape, etc.)

  • If the bowlers get to uses a Vaseline, Shoe polish, Bottle cape, etc. to shining the ball than ball will swing the more comparison to the before. 
  • If the bowlers get uses all these things to sign the ball than bowler has applied a less effort to swing the ball.
  • Bowlers getting a more wickets comparison to the before.
  • Any team will be collapse down early because bowlers will be getting a more swing.

Disadvantage  ( If bowlers do not use these things )

  • If the bowler uses only sweat for shining the ball than bowlers getting a less swing comparison to the before.
  • Bowlers should be putting more effort to getting a more swing.
  • They will still be getting the wicket but maybe after a long interval.

From a batsman perspective

       Advantage  ( If Bowlers uses only sweat)

  • Balls coming easily on the bat.
  • Maybe most of the team will not be all out quickly.
  • Batsman will be successful in making a big milestone score.


  • If the batsman is out, then he is his fault because batsman will keep running in his mind that bowlers will be getting less swing.

Ball Tempering

” If ICC allow to bowlers to uses a Vaseline, Nail, Vex etc to shine the ball than we can call a ball tempering”

Ball tempering means changing the original shape and size of the ball by using extra material such as Mint, Vaseline, Sand Paper, Vex, etc which illegal in cricket.





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