Pondicherry 2020 T20 tournament temporarily suspended

Pondicherry 2020 T20 tournament temporarily suspended


The Pondicherry 2020 T20 tournament temporarily suspended by the Cricket Affiliation of Puducherry, has been briefly suspended after Lieutenant Governor Kiran Bedi termed the development of the stadium in Thuthipet unlawful.

The honourary secretary of CAP V. Chandran on Saturday acknowledged: “CAP is of the view that Lt Governor DR Kiran Bedi mustn’t have issued a letter dated 12.11.2020 and virally it buy social media that has broken CAP and land homeownersstatus without giving an alternative to neither of us to clarify our factual place.”


Chandran, in his letter, termed it “regrettable” that Bedi has refused to help the “iconic cricket centre” that has eight full-sized cricket stadium with one worldwide stadium constructedwithout taking a single rupee (or) infrastructural subsidy from the BCCI.

It’s extremely regrettable to see the federal government companies below Lt Governor refuse to help the enduring cricket centre, which is the face of Pondicherry and ordered to be demolished without correct trials.”

”[They have] additionally disconnected water provide and energy provide without discover. No help for COVID-19 assessments as effectively.”

Chandran alleged that the affiliation has been “unfairly punished.


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