My dream cricket player

Playing for Indian cricket Team



                              My dream cricket player

My dream

My dream cricket player ! cricket player
Rahul Cricketer During Practice Time
Once upon a time when I was a child than my elder sister giving a plastic cricket bat with the ball, at that time I was just 4 years old. since that time I was being attracted to cricket.
After that my interest is increasing day by day for playing cricket. one day my elder brothers and my family seeing a cricket match on Television than I also include for us and I also seeing a whole match with my family than my cricket interest is increasing more and more.

The workout is essential for human beings.

My dream cricket player ! cricket player


As we know that physical fitness is a big contribution to keeping yourself fit. so my 1st priority to keep itself fit by doing a hard workout. if I was fit than I am playing cricket for a long time and I also complete my dream.
Fitness is more necessary in the cricket field and my all regular routing.

I want to be a cricketer

My dream cricket player ! Cricket player
Rahul Cricketer
I fill that I will play for India approx 2024. at the time of childhood, my dream is playing for my country and nation. I started playing professional cricket from 2014 at that time I am a school student. I am doing hard labor for my dream so that I can play for an Indian cricket team.
I am a dedicated, hard worker and honest person for my dream.


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