Finally, ICC has announced new rules


                          Finally, ICC has announced new rules

Finally, ICC has announced new rules ! ICC new rules covid
The ICC finally announced a new rule before resumed international cricket, which includes, not using saliva on the ball for shining the ball, allowing local umpires in international cricket, teams will be allowed to replace players when the symptoms of COVID-19 found during a test match, allow extra DRS reviews and using the extra logo on the uniform dress of shirt & sweater.

Not using saliva on the ball

As we know that COVID-19 is a novel virus that spread quickly from one person to another person so the ICC releasing a new rule on 9 June 2020 before resumed international cricket. According to the new rules, players will be not using saliva on the ball for shining the ball. If anybody applies saliva on the ball than umpires will give two warnings in every inning during initial periods of resumed cricket for adjustment for the player but even then will keep using it continuously than a 5-runs penalty to the batting side. If saliva used on the ball than umpires will be instructed to clean the ball before play resume.

Appoint local  umpires 

Looking for COVID-19 Pandemic the ICC decided that we have appointed locally umpires in the international cricket match which connected from the Emirates ICC  officials because international travel is locked in this pandemic.

Extra DRS Review

The ICC has extended the extra DRS Review in the international cricket match because local umpires are not a well-experienced comparison to the international umpires.
  • This will be increased the number of DRS Review for each team to three for Test while two for the white-ball cricket.

Using Extra Logo 

As we know that about three months all the international cricket has been stopped so the economic conditions for the ICC are not good. In view of all of this, ICC has decided that we are adding extra logos on the cricket uniform for the next 12 months, so that once again our economic conditions get better.
A logo, not an excess of 32 square inches in size which placed on the chest for the Test match shirt and sweater in addition to three other logos. Till now, logos on the chest are allowed only in ODIs and T20Is.




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