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                      Current Update of IPL

Current Update of IPL ! IPL 2020 New update
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Current Update

As we know that the 13th edition of IPL starting from 29th March, but it couldn’t start according to its time due to COVID 19 Virus. which spread all over the world. so BCCI and ICC Postponed the 13th edition of IPL. all cricket experts and cricket fans guess that it will be starting in mid-April.
This was not good news for all spectators, all franchisees, staff, and all cricket players because IPL is a big festival which celebrated all over the world especially in India.
However, all the people waiting for mid-April, as mid-April coming closer than BCCI announced crucial information for all people.

Sourav Ganguly

As we know that Sourav Ganguly is a President of BCCI. he announces crucial information on 15 April. He says that the 13th edition of IPL may be starting in the last month of August or starting the month of September.
If it will be hosting in August or September than it becomes a small day tournament, such as a minimum one month. Looking for T 20 WC which starting in mid-October of 2020.

MS Dhoni

Current Update of IPL, IPL 2020 new update
Everyone knows very well that he is a key player in CSK and team India. He is a smart cricketer that gives every ICC trophy for India. Everybody guess that if the 13th edition of IPL will not be hosting then the International carrier of Mahi will be finished. so the 13th edition of IPL become so vital for Dhoni and team India because in mid-October of 2020 starting a T 20 world cup which held in Australia.
As we know that Mahi playing his last match against NZ in the 2019 world cup semi-final. Since that time he is not playing any international matches. So from his eyes the 13th edition of IPL vital for itself and team India.

Sadness Movement for Cricket Spectators

Current Update of IPL, IPL 2020 new update
Indian Sad Fans


As we know that the game of cricket running in every Indian people’s blood. Ever since the BCCI has released the 13th edition of IPL notification since then all cricket fans go under sadness.
Maybe the 13th edition of IPL suspended this year if the situation of our country is not good. If the situation of our country becomes good then it will be starting in August or September, but spectators 100 % confirm it will be held in August.
Let’s see what happens in the upcoming day, fans, staff, franchise, and players also.
All stating waiting for the next BCCI notification about IPL and other matches.




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