13th edition of IPL



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                        13th edition of IPL

Will the 13th edition of IPL become or not.


13th edition of IPL, ipl 13th edition
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As we know that all over the world feeling trouble from virus disease which is bad news for all human beings. according to the doctor’s research, this is an Untouchability virus that spread quickly from one person to another person.
now it’s effect is seeing clearly on the cricket world which is bad news for cricket fans, players, media and all sports staff men.

Washout the series 

13th edition of IPL, ipl 13th edition
India vs Africa Series
The effect of dangerous virus seeing clearly on IND VS AFRICA series which is going on. washout the 1st series due to rain after all fans are hoping that left two ODI matches become easily but BCCI cancel the series due to the serious effect of diseases so all players return your own home.

In this year IPL become or note

13th edition of IPL, ipl 13th edition
IPL Trophy
As we know that IPL is the biggest festival in India, it’s not only India. it is rather the whole world.
all eyes were on the BCCI meeting on 14 March at nearly evening BCCI announced that the 13th edition of IPL doing postponed.
Now it will be starting from 15 April perhaps, not starting from 29 March. BCCI also says that this is not a clear statement. if the patient of dangerous virus increasing than not starting on April 15 than match becomes without cricket fans seeing the 13th edition of IPL at your own home.


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